Class levels

Our classes are composed of a limited number of students to guarantee maximum effectiveness. Each group has two teachers who alternate teaching the classes; this method assures a necessary exposure to different accents. The standard courses are of approximately 100 hours running from October through June. There is also the possibility of taking intensive courses during the summer which are held in the months of July and September.



Infantile | Junior 1 | Junior 2 | Junior 3


Youth and adults

A | B | C |Intermediate | Upper intermediate | First certificate in english | Advanced 1 | Advanced 2 | Proficiency


Common European Framework or Reference for Languages

A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 | C1 | C2

Do you want to start learning?

Courses abroad

In collaboration with the American company Language Immersion LLC we organize courses in a charming town located on the coast of Connecticut, between New York City and Boston. Accommodation is with local families and there are countless activities. Here, adolescents can put their English into practice with considerable improvement to their level while having the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the “American way of life”.

Timetable we offer

Standard courses

Standard course shifts for morning, afternoon and late afternoon (3 hours a week).

Monday and Wednesday (1½ h. + 1 ½ h.)
Tuesday and Thursday (1½ h. + 1 ½ h.)
Wednesday and Friday (1½ h. + 1 ½ h.)
Friday evenings (3 hours)
Saturday mornings (3 hours)

Intensive Summer Courses

A full course over 5 weeks (July)
Over 6 weeks (July and beginning of September)

Specialized courses

Courses dedicated to the preparation for official exams:

First Certificate (B2)
Advanced (C1)
Proficiency (C2)

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