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Specialized in the English Language

Clarence House first opened in 1988. Since then we have been dedicated exclusively to teaching the English language, offering courses of various profiles to children, adolescents and adults. Our native and non-native teachers are fully qualified and well-experienced in English language instruction.

Our services include in-company classes, as well as personalized attention for any students who might have specific language needs. We are specialized in preparation for the official exams of the University of Cambridge.

We guarantee that over 20 years of experience and professionalism translates into highly efficient instruction and our clients’ overall satisfaction of with their progress. Our flexibility and adaptability to the profiles of our students has allowed us to remain a leading centre in the sector throughout this time.


How do we work?

Our primary objective is that all our students know how to use the constructions and vocabulary that they are learning in oral and written form. We are very aware of the limitations of theory. Language must be lived.


Our youngest pupils are taught with entertaining and engaging methodology with games, songs and activities to immerse them in the language as much as possible.


Young students need a great deal of motivation and there is no better incentive for them than gaining the ability to understand the bloggers, songs and TV series of which they are fans.


Adult students are often pressed for time so an efficient learing experience is essential, yet they also enjoy the social aspect and educational rewards of attending an academy.

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